New Sponsorhip in Italy

Sika proudly supports the "Associazione Caterina Onlus" charitable association, which has worked with the poorest and most vulnerable section of society in south Naples since its establishment in 2006. Sika’s contribution consists of three pillars: financial support, supply of Sika products and expertise as well as voluntary work.

Supply of warm meals

On 12 April 2011, the “meal centre for the poor” was inaugurated. In order to supply warm meals to the many needy people in southern Naples, 180 volunteers have been involved in the project. The number of people using this service increased in a short space of time, reaching 100 meals a day.

This area of Italy is overwhelmed by a profound human and social crisis. Children in the area are unable to eat two complete meals a day. "Associazione Caterina Onlus" together with Sika from now onwards, are doing everything they can to alleviate this suffering and poverty.

New medical center planned

"Associazione Caterina Onlus" has planned a medical centre with outpatient clinics for the most vulnerable individuals in the region. This medical centre and all the volunteer doctors taking part in the project guarantee a permanent health service. The opening is planned to take place in 2016. Sika Italia will supply warm meals and medical equipment for conducting the daily work involved. In addition, it will use Sikafloor® systems to provide the best environmental solution for the medical centre's flooring.