Social Responsibility

  • Sports & Culture

    Sports & Culture

    Sika companies support sports and cultural projects throughout the world. The focus of sponsorship in Switzerland is on the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra, the EV Zug ice hockey club and the Swiss Sliding sports association.

    Projects in Sports and Culture
  • Social


    Social sponsoring at Sika is mainly organized through the Romuald Burkard Foundation. Its main goals, among others, are to support communities in infrastructure development for social projects, to promote training in construction professions and trades, and to provide emergency aid to disaster-stricken regions.

    Sika seeks to promote self-help locally. The local Sika companies are thus required to put forward specific aid applications and, working with local partners, supervise the projects on site up to completion.

    Social Projects
  • Science


    As project sponsor, Sika engages in a lively dialog with the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich) , the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne), the ESPCI ParisTec (School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry of the City of Paris), the University of Burgundy, Princeton University, the Bejing University of Chemical Technology and many similar institutions across the globe. Sika’s local subsidiaries cooperate with research institutes and provide mutual support.

    Cooperations with scientific entities
  • Environment


    e focus of Sika’s ecological sponsoring is on water, building, infrastructure and renewable energy projects. The main sponsorship partner in this field is the Global Nature Fund (GNF). Sika has supported the GNF and its international Living Lakes environmental program since 2004.

    Comprising over 100 partner organizations from various lake regions across the globe, the Living Lakes network sets out to promote sustainable development and the protection of drinking water, lakes and wetlands.

    Environmental projects