In January 2015, Sika agreed to acquire the assets of the Mozambican company Duro-Moza, which manufactures and sells specialized mortar and tile adhesives. This transaction will accelerate Sika Mozambique’s development and market penetration.

In March 2015, Sika acquired BMI Products of Northern California Inc., which is active in the manufacture and distribution of mortar products and systems for the construction industry. This takeover has enabled Sika to step up production capacity and increase market penetration in the western United States.

In March, Sika also took over Axson Technologies, a leading producer of polyurethane and epoxy resins for design, prototyping and tooling. Axson Technologies also manufactures structural adhesives, composites and dielectrics (encapsulants) for the automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, renewable energies, sports and leisure sectors as well as the construction industry. This takeover will enable Sika to expand its global portfolio of tooling and composites.

Moreover, in March the company agreed to acquire Construction Technologies Australia Pty Ltd (CTA™), a leading Australian producer of tile adhesives and mortar products.

In June, Sika purchased the remaining shares in Addiment Italia from its joint venture partner, Buzzi Unicem. Addiment is active in the manufacture and sale of concrete admixtures and grinding aids for cement production.