Organic growth, i.e. growth driven by entrepreneurial endeavor, is at the core of Sika’s corporate strategy. This organic growth is enhanced by carefully targeted external growth, which offers a useful way of closing existing gaps in access to target markets and consolidating fragmented markets. Particularly in North America, Asia and parts of Europe and Latin America, Sika pursues this policy as a means of steadily improving its market position. At the same time, however, the company seeks to strengthen or extend its core business through the selective acquisition of related technologies, which Sika finds mainly in small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe, the USA and some Asian countries. The fact that such businesses are usually unable to market their systems worldwide sooner or later proves a barrier to growth, and by acquiring such companies, the Sika Group, as a global player, is able to leverage their full potential.

When evaluating a takeover offer, Sika relies on the expertise and experience it has already gained as well as on clearly defined processes in place across the Group. Since acquired companies are usually fully incorporated in the Group, Sika places great value on a smooth integration, and therefore pays particular attention to the corporate culture of all takeover candidates prior to any acquisition.

The regions generally assume responsibility for particular acquisition procedures, but the process is supervised and coordinated at Group level.