Research Strategy

Sika carries out its R&D activities through 20 global technology centers in America, Europe and Asia. Responding to global trends – such as resource-saving building methods, energy-efficient construction materials or lighter and safer vehicles – the research sets out to innovate new technological building blocks that will drive the product development process. This, in turn, is geared to local needs and the particularities of the construction industry in different countries – e.g. with regard to raw materials, climate or legal framework – which may sometimes necessitate considerable adaptations to products.

Courage for Innovation

Sika's success and reputation are based on its long-lasting tradition of innovation. Accordingly, the core of its business is innovation management and the focus on developing quality products and the best solutions for the customers. Sika has institutionalized a product creation process with a strong focus on consistently developing new products, systems and solutions for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting in its defined target markets.

By investing in the established technology centers and laboratories across the globe, Sika benefits from its worldwide network of scientists, partners and suppliers, while fulfilling the promise to be close to its customers everywhere.

Innovation and growth

Growth needs innovation, innovation needs research. Research and development (R & D) thus enjoy an accordingly high priority within the company. The R & D strategy that Sika has been operating for several years guarantees a high innovation rate and has spawned many new products, whose exclusive use by the company is secured by patents.

Core competences

One key factor for the success of Sika's R&D work is its strategic focus on clearly defined core competencies, namely bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting load-bearing structures in building and industry.

Sika's sealing products are used to install durable wind-, rain- and draft-proof barriers in flat roofs, complex tunnel systems, damage-prone water-retaining structures and sophisticated curtain wall assemblies. Bonding ensures the permanent, elastic or structurally continuous connection of different materials, for example in vehicles, window assemblies and even segmental bridges, where concrete units weighing several tons are joined together. Damping reduces vibrations in fixed and moving objects, thereby lowering resonance and noise emission in load-bearing structures and in vehicle interiors. Sika's reinforcing solutions using Carbodur® products strategically improve the resistance of structures to static and dynamic loads, while protective elements serve to increase their durability. Sika coatings guarantee long-term protection for concrete and steelwork assemblies against climatic conditions, chemical action, pollution and fire.


Sika collaborates with numerous distinguished universities worldwide and is closely involved in a range of international research projects, e.g. through its membership of the Nanocem Consortium. This European research network studies nanoscale-to-microscale phenomena that influence the performance of cementitious materials and the products and structures in which they are used. Sika also participates in the Sustainable Construction Partnership Council of ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and in the United Nations Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative.

Focus of development in individual target markets
Focus of development in individual target markets