Waterproofing Solutions SikaProof®

Sustainable construction, more than ever before, drive Sika's development
efforts and will no doubt accelerate in the years to come. The experts from Corporate Technology "Thermoplastic Systems", based in Sarnen, Switzerland, contribute to this success with more then one billion square meters of membranes sold. The combined know-how of those experts and the research and development team of Sika Automotive, Hamburg, led to a the SikaProof® solution, a waterproofing system designed for use in areas with a hot climate.

This innovative approach towards highly UV and heat stabilized components yielded in high system performance. The excellent cooperation between Sika experts in Hamburg, Switzerland, Dubai and Qatar secured this success. The SikaProof® solutions have been implemented in the Water Security Megareservoirs Project in Qatar. This project includes five reservoirs with a capacity of 100 million gallons each, making them the largest reinforced concrete reservoirs in the world.

On basis of the well-established product built-up in Europe, Sika has developed a new, in-house based surface sealant technology especially designed for countries in the Gulf area. A robust and reliable surface sealant has become an integral part of SikaProof®, an innovative fully bonded sheet membrane system for damp- and waterproofing in basement and below ground structures.  

Christoph Fäh, Department Manager, Sika Technology AG, Switzerland, and Björn Funke, Project Engineer R&D, Sika Automotive GmbH, Germany, describe the successful bundling of know-how, which results in the local adaption of a global premium quality waterproofing solution.