Sika solutions for concrete repair
Waterproofing admixtures

In 1910, Kaspar Winkler - the founder of Sika - developed an innovative waterproofing admixture for mortars and concrete called Sika-1. This was used to seal and waterproof tunnel structures so that the railway systems could also be safely electrified and was a real revolutionary waterproofing method, especially in the 1920s and till the 1950s.

Ready-to-use mortars
Waterproofing mortars

In the 1970s Sika first developed special one- and two-component, ready to use waterproofing mortars. These slurry applied surface waterproofing mortars like SikaTop Seal 107, had very low water permeability and could also be spray applied.

Today, Sika has continued this development in waterproofing mortars with additional performance characteristics such as flexibility and increased surface protection.

Sika solutions for grouting and fixing
Compartmentalized membrane systems

In 1968, the Sikaplan sheet waterproofing membrane system was developed for waterproofing tunnels and basement structures as well as for single-ply roof waterproofing applications. The systems include compartmentalized solutions with integrated joint waterstops and control/injection sealing points for use in the event of subsequent movement or damage. This unique system allows structures to have a fully controlled permanent waterproofing system and is still today the most durable and reliable waterproofing system.

Sika solutions for grouting and fixing
Joint waterproofing systems

In 1982, Sika introduced the Sikadur-Combiflex system, a unique joint waterproofing system for the internal and external sealing of cracks, construction and movement joints in many different types of structure. The Sika range of engineered joint waterproofing systems today includes additional innovative solutions such as SikaFuko injection hoses, SikaSwell hydrophilic profiles and sealants, Sika Dilatec Waterproofing Tapes and the complete range of Sika, Greenstreak and Tricosal Waterbars.

Sika solutions for grouting and fixing
Liquid applied polymeric membranes

In the 1990s, Sika developed the Sikalastic range of polyurethane resin based, liquid applied membrane solutions for waterproofing bridge decks and basement structures. This product portfolio was completed by the introduction of new polyurea based membranes and innovative primers to create a strong bond with poured hot asphalt.

Sika solutions for grouting and fixing
Injection waterproofing solutions

Remedial injection sealing solutions for new and refurbishment works have also seen increasing demand in recent decades for the sealing of cracks and voids, such as honeycombed areas in concrete. Sika has developed a wide range of different injection technologies with cement-, polyurethane-, epoxy- and special acrylate-based systems that provide solutions for our customers to solve all of their specific problems by using the most appropriate technology.

Sika solutions for grouting and fixing
Fully bonded sheet membrane systems

In 2012, with the SikaProof A pre-applied waterproofing membrane system, Sika has launched the latest innovation: An easily pre-applied, highly flexible, sheet membrane system that becomes fully bonded to the fresh concrete and therefore also prevents any lateral water underflow. The unique build-up of the SikaProof system with a combination of in-house waterproofing technologies, again demonstrates Sika’s innovation power.