In the development of its roof membrane products, Sika is focusing on low-emission liquid applied membranes and new environmentally friendly, solvent-free waterproof membranes. The Sika i-Cure® technology has paved the way for the development of eco-efficient liquid membranes that also offer maximum safety during on-site application. Moreover, solutions combining membranes with adhesives are opening up new, efficient installation techniques. Drawing on its 25-year track record in premium-quality, polyolefin-based roof membranes – Sika Sarnafil T line-, Sika developed and successfully launched Sikaplan T, a cost- and performance-optimized product range.

Sika is innovation leader for construction and refurbishment projects

Sika is holding the three brands of Sikaplan®, Sarnafil® and Sikalastic® for roofing membranes. They have evolved from pragmatic beginnings into an effective system of roofing solutions. These solutions help to advance the construction industry and make sustainable building practices commonplace. A more than 50 year history has documented that Sika membranes are outstanding performers, reliable and long-lasting, and perhaps the most sustainable roofing system available anywhere.

Sika - Innovation leader for new construction and refurbishment projects
Some examples of innovative, high-performance solutions.

Highest premium membranes since 50 years, more than 50 years of proven performance: Polymeric and liquid applied membranes for new constructions and refurbishment projects.

  • 1962: PVC membranes and liquid applied membranes were brought into the markets by Sika (first fabric - reinforced thermoplastic membrane).
  • 1966: First membrane manufacturer to design and produce an automatic seam welder.
  • 1969: One of the first installations of a vegetated green roof utilizing the Sarnafil waterproof membrane took place in Switzerland. This roof (Bad Zurzach) is still in place.
  • 1989: Sarnafil T was brought into the market. First introduction of TPO-Technology in Europe – next year we will celebrate 25 years Sarnafil T.
  • 2009: Launch of liquid applied membranes SikaRoof MTC “Moisture Triggered Chemistry”, which are characterized by an early rain resistance and suitable for all kind of new and old roofs.
  • 2010: CET-Co Elastic Technology for liquid applied membranes Sikalastic was introduced by Sika. It combines the high performance of a polyurethane dispersion with the application properties of an acrylic.
  • 2012: Highest performance, cost effective adhered roofing system called EcoBond Roof utilizes Sarnacol 2121 adhesives.
Sika Solar Roof for an Elementary School
Tradition and Innovation

A long tradition has lead to a culture of innovation with focus on sustainable and cost-efficient roofing systems. The innovative spirit and skills that led to the first innovations are alive today at Sika. Sustainable construction practices, more than ever, drive the company's development efforts and will no doubt accelerate in the years to come.

Solar Roofs by Sika
Trends, new developments

The innovative spirit and skills that led to Sika roofing solutions continue to pioneer the market. We expect the next 50 years to be even more productive, with Sika roofing solutions having an even greater role in safeguarding commercial facilities while minimizing the impact on the environment and protecting natural resources.