New admixtures are primarily developed with the aim of boosting the sustainability of concrete as a construction material.

These innovations are designed to eliminate any negative factors that may arise and thereby guarantee consistent, high-quality concrete production with a reduced carbon footprint.

The experience gained in polymer development for concrete also inspires pioneering products in dry-mix applications such as mortars, screeds and cementitious flooring.

Admixtures for concrete, cement, mortar and gypsum

For our customers in the areas of ready mix concrete, precast industry, cement production, infrastructure projects, dry mortar and gypsum building material the required properties are achieved by using admixtures. For that purpose a close interaction between binder, water and filling materials as aggregates together with the admixtures are a precondition to success!

Nowadays the optimization regarding the environmental impact of these construction materials opens the doors for new admixture technologies and applications.

Water reducing admixtures
Water reducing admixtures

Quality, durability and efficiency of most of the cementitious materials are defined by the content of water and are needed for the application and reaction. By using water reducing admixtures the application is managed easier and the chemical reaction takes place on a higher quality level.

Water reducers of various kinds allow product solutions for all type of application. From basic water reducers with a performance of around 10% based on well-established raw materials up to high-performance superplasticizers with water reduction rates up to 40%, based on the innovative Sika ViscoCrete. By improving the quality of the cement stone it is also possible to reduce the volume of cement paste, that means reducing the CO₂ and the energy footprint of such structures.

Set controlling admixtures
Set controlling admixtures

Speed and control of the processing time during the application are key requirements for that type of admixtures. Applications with workability requirements of only a few seconds in precast industry up to many hours in complex infrastructure projects have to be combined with early strength requirements. Application overhead without any forms for sprayed concrete or demoulding of 10 tons heavy elements just a few hours after pouring the concrete. Only by the use of SikaRapid® hardening accelerators it’s possible to save energy during the curing period.

Durability enhancing concrete admixtures
Durability enhancing admixtures

Service life of all types of construction structures as bridges, tunnels, high rise building is the major requirement of the owners. An important part to achieve this request is the dense cement stone. That means a low water/cement ration by using water reducing admixtures.

Based on the specific project requirements as the direct environment for example the improvement of protection regarding chloride penetration (Sika® FerroGard®) or the intensive weather circles from extreme cold weather (Sika-Aer®) or the control of the shrinkage behavior of cementitious materials (Sika® Control) will improve durability significantly. 100 years of service life with only minor maintenance is also an important step in improvement of sustainability

Production efficiency admixtures
Production efficiency admixtures

Output capacity maximization and input energy minimization are key elements for an ecological and economical production. In cement production the technical quality of all types of binder will be improved and the production output maximized by using cement improvers (SikaGrind®).

For pumped concrete the performance can be increased and wear reduced by using pumping aids (SikaPump®), especially by using difficult aggregate types. For the production of semidry concrete product the compaction time (SikaPaver®), the optical aspect and the energy used will be optimized. In the production of gypsum plate only by fixing the exact setting time (Sika® Retardan®) the production efficiency will be optimized.