In the Chinese government work report of 2015, “Made in China 2025” and “Internet Plus” were mentioned for the first time. On March 12th, Haier Group rolled out its industry 4.0 strategy, with its user interactive customized platform and module supplier resource platform going online. Sika won the Award of Magic Cube as one of the best module suppliers.

Sika - qualified supplier on Haier's open innovation platform

As a well-known home appliance brand in the world, pursuing progress and innovation, Haier has been leading the trend in the home appliance industry and modern lifestyle. In 2014, Haier placed an important chess piece in its process of internet transformation by establishing HOPE (Haier Open Partnership Ecosystem), which was committed to establish the biggest innovation ecosystem and interactive community in the world.

Sika is honored to become a qualified supplier on Haier's open innovation platform, an innovative purchase concept and module supplier platform. Sika's home appliance solution supported Haier on two problems in the glass fridge door: one is the increase of quality and esthetical appeal and the other is automated application.

Conventionally, a tape has been applied to the seaming of glass fridge doors. Sika did a thorough and systematic analysis on the conventional system from construction and design, backing material distortion, the adhesiveness of the adhesive material to the materials, and life span design of fridge stress in the later life.

Finally after an intensive cooperation between all parties, the SikaMelt® Technology proved to be the best solution and has been integrated into production, and for this, Sika has been awarded by Haier with the award for best module supplier.

Additionally, for this project and improvements, Haier got nominated by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) for the International Team Excellence Award (ITEA).