Frost & Sullivan recognises Sika with the 2015 European BIW Automotive Adhesives Product Leadership Award. OEMs’ use of lightweight materials in the BIW ('body in white applications') segment will present growth opportunities for adhesive manufacturers. To capture these opportunities, Sika Automotive focuses on the lightweight approach and crash-resistant performance through innovation to ensure optimum adhesion between different substrates. The award ceremony will take place on June 28, 2016, in London/UK.

Enabling Vehicle Lightweight Concept

Using the newest technology, Sika provides two flagship BIW automotive adhesive products that enable an effective solution for each particular challenge. SikaPower® and SikaSeal® are for Frost & Sullivan Research the most efficient BIW adhesives in the market. Sika products achieve an average of 150 kilograms of potential weight reduction per car (up to 10%).

SikaPower® adhesives are one component, epoxy-based, bulk hybrid that cure by the temperature influence of electro-coat ovens. The SikaPower® product portfolio includes crash durable, structural, and e-coatable adhesives. All SikaPower® adhesives are available with or without glass spheres, which are important to keep a required bond line distance between two metal sheets and to control the gaps. SikaPower® is ideal for bonding similar and multi-material substrates. This adhesive is extremely age-resistant and highly durable with outstanding mechanical and processing properties. SikaPower® requires 5 billion fewer weld points each year—demonstrating the adhesives’ efficiency.

SikaSeal® is mainlyused for mastic and anti-flutter applications. The adhesive allows the usage of thinner metals, thus, providing significant weight savings. It adheres on different steel and aluminum grades, as well as, reduces energy demand in the plants.

SikaPower® and SikaSeal® play a crucial role in improving vehicle lightweight design and make major contributions to crash-resistant behavior, and at the sametime improve comfort and durability. Sika products also enable better use of vehicle’s functional units such engine power and breaking system, as well as, reduce fuel consumption. All these unique features allow Sika Automotive to achieve significant results in over 25 million cars worldwide each year that utilize SikaPower® and SikaSeal® technology inside.

Reliable Customer Service

Sika Automotive maintains the highest quality standards with its products and provides excellent service. Sika’s commitment to innovation satisfies customers’ demands and anticipates future expectations. All Sika solutions are designed with the  customers’ success in mind to build long-lasting relationships. Market success depends on product quality and on the company’s ability to work with the clients and meet their expectations. “Customers First” is Sika’s key principle to exceed customers’ expectations and maximize benefits.

The company systematically leverages the growth potential in its target markets. Sika draws on its innovative power, for instance, to meet the rising demand for efficient BIW automotive adhesive solutions. The company expects its growth will result from innovation and depends on further research.