Sika’s PowerCure system design combines the benefits of both one- and two-component adhesive systems in a new and comfortable way. PowerCure delivers simple application and highest reliability for all kinds of manual and mobile applications. From the very beginning the design was developed together with applicators and made to work under all conditions. The PowerCure system consists of a new kind of adhesive dispenser, a highly efficient dynamic mixer and a waste-saving packaging solution. It is compatible with all kind of adhesive technologies, including silane modified polymers (SMP), polyurethane, and silicones.

PowerCure – The ultimate repair solution

PowerCure adhesives are curing independently of the climate from the inside of the bead. They are cured within minutes to the level specified by vehicle manufacturers. PowerCure adhesives reinforce the car body structure to the original level within minutes. There is no limitation in use, the system was developed to work at harsh outdoor conditions which are typical for the vehicle glass repair and replacement industry and are also relevant to other fields of application.

PowerCure – Precision of a pump in your hands

The PowerCure system delivers the precision and performance of a high end pump system for smaller sealing & bonding application. PowerCure is the ideal solution for applications which are difficult to be reached with a pump. From the beginning PowerCure was developed together with applicators to achieve the most user-friendly dispensing system for accelerator adhesives.

PowerCure – more flexibility on-site

The PowerCure system is a highly mobile and reliable companion on the job site. PowerCure is ideally suited for bigger applications independently of the working environment.

PowerCure – rapid joint sealing

PowerCure is Sika’s new platform for accelerated adhesive and sealant systems. The dynamic mixer of PowerCure ensures homogeneous mixing of the two components, allowing tool-enabled sealants that are fully cured within hours. This is the ideal solution for large sealing joints in various applications.

PowerCure – Total Solution for Accelerated Bonding

PowerCure is the ultimate solution for accelerated sealing and bonding. PowerCure is full of new technology, protected by more than 13 patents. A range of products make the system the ideal solution when it’s about fast curing adhesives and sealants. Find out more on