Sika developed SikaGrout®-UW, a blend of cement binders, Sika admixtures and additives and precise formula components to get outstanding properties for underwater hydraulic performance.

SikaGrout®-UW, the new ready-to-use, cementitious grout is the ideal solution for underwater applications. The grout, when properly mixed, will have no significant ‘wash out’ of the cement phase.

SikaGrout®-UW can be used for free flowing or pumped grout applications underwater, for reinstating concrete of bridge columns, pillars, piles, slipways and dams.

New versions of this kind of mortar have been released in countries like Australia and Chile. Other countries (Russia, Indonesia) are checking domestication. Projects with SikaGrout®-UW encompass the wharf piles of  Melinka, a community in the Aysén Province in the southern part of Chile. Here 1,117 bags of SikaGrout®-UW (30 kgs each) were applied.

Furthermore the product is recommended for baseplates and machinery grouting, crane rails and tight clearances, exterior grouting and repair applications, and coating structures (e.g. boat ramps) effected by tidal changes during applications. The product provides excellent chemical resistance against oils, mineral acids, seawater, fuels and alkali solutions.