EVERBUILD® 703 Fix & Grout Tile Adhesive

A ready mixed, premium grade, anti-mould tile adhesive and grout

EVERBUILD® 703 Fix & Grout Tile Adhesive is a premium grade adhesive, formulated to be used as both an adhesive and grout. The product contains a fungicide to prevent mould growth and is water resistant - ideal for areas of high humidity. Dries to a brilliant white finish.

  • Excellent water resistance.
  • Extremely high bond strength
  • Compressible - allows for slight thermal movement.
  • Dries brilliant white.
  • Contains a fungicide - prevents mould growth to the grout.
  • Ready mixed formula - no mixing, no mess. Apply straight from the tub.
  • Easier to apply than most competitive adhesives.
  • Extended open time.