EVERBUILD® Showerproof Bathroom Silicone

A mid modulus sanitary and shower silicone with an anti-fungal compound

EVERBUILD® Showerproof Bathroom Silicone is a mid modulus sanitary & shower silicone sealant that adheres to most smooth and non-porous materials.  Contains a powerful anti-fungal compound to protect the sealant against the growth of bacteria, mildew and black mould that are commonly found in areas of high humidity. Forms a permanently flexible rubber seal.  EVERBUILD® Showerproof Bathroom Silicone is ideal for sanitary & bathroom applications, such as around baths, showers and basins. It can also be used for sealing around worktops & laminates in the bathroom.

  • Permanently flexible.
  • Anti-fungal formula 
  • Quick curing
  • Low viscosity for fast application
    Stress ~0.2MPa at 60% (ISO8339)