Fills deep holes in one application

EVERBUILD® DEEP GAP FILLER is a revolutionary new filler, formulated using ceramic spheres that fill most holes and cracks; especially deep holes, in just one quick application with no need for secondary filling to level off. EVERBUILD® DEEP GAP FILLER will not shrink, sag or crack and dries to a light grey finish.
EVERBUILD® DEEP GAP FILLER finishes smooth, requiring little or no sanding and can be ready to paint or wallpaper in just 30 minutes. It can be used for repairs to wood, plaster, masonry, cement, stone, brick and rendering.

  • Fills in one go- No need to build up layers of filler - fills up to 50mm deep in one application
  • Easy to use - lightweight paste is incredibly easy to apply
  • No sanding required - finishes to a smooth surface
  • No sagging - the lightweight properties of DEEP GAP FILLER prevent sagging even on ceilings.
  • Non-shrink - will not shrink back whilst drying
  • Quick drying - ready to paint/paper in just 30 minutes (subject to ambient temperature/conditions)
  • Overpaintable with most solvent based and emulsion paints
  • Overstainable
Movement Accomodation Low/Moderate Maximum Width 50mm pH8.3 - 9.9Viscosity60,000-150,000 cP @ 20°C 50% R.H