EVERBUILD® 201 Mortar Admix

Air entraning plasticisier for brick laying & plastering mortars.

EVERBUILD® 201 Mortar Admix is an air entraining liquid plasticising admixture which forms extremely stable air bubbles in mortar mixes. The admix improves workability and freeze/thaw resistance in brick laying mortars, reduces the need for lime and smoothes out variations between separate batches of sand and cement.

Out-performs traditional Vinsol Resin Based plasticisers (see specific data).
  • Contains a special additive which keeps air in the mix longer than most other competitive admixtures.
  • Improves trowelability.
  • Easier tamping down and alignment.
  • Improves workability.
  • Provides resistance to freeze/thaw cycling down to -2 oC in both wet and dry mortar.
  • Chloride free (chloride ion content <0.1 %).
  • Reduces bleeding.
  • Replaces lime in mix, hence reduces possibility of lime bloom and efflorescence.        
Loss After 1 Hr StandingNot reduced by more than 3 % from vol. air entrainedChange After Extra 15 Mins MixingNot more than 5 % from vol. air entrained