EVERBUILD® Aquaseal® Liquid Roof

A ready to use, all weather roofing system

EVERBUILD® Aquaseal® Liquid Roof is a fast-curing, polyurethane based waterproofing liquid membrane for flat and pitched roofs. EVERBUILD® Aquaseal® Liquid Roof has excellent adhesion to both porous and non-porous substrates and is suitable for use on new projects, extensions or to refurbish an existing, leaky roof. The product has a moisture activated curing system that allows the product to use atmospheric moisture to trigger the curing process, which means that no catalyst is needed and the product is fast curing. With a 2 coat application to a variety of substrates this fast curing membrane cures in a range of weather conditions (see limitations) and is completely rain resistant in just 10 minutes. EVERBUILD® Aquaseal® Liquid Roof will even cure if a pool of water forms on top of it!

  • Suitable for use with both new and old roofs.
  • Moisture curing technology –no catalyst required.
  • Fast curing – rain resistant after 10 minutes.
  • All weather product.
  • Ready to use – apply with brush or roller.
  • Forms a seamless membrane.
  • Can be reinforced.
  • Easily recoated, no stripping required.
  • Provides cost effective life-cycle extension of failing roofs.
  • Vapour permeable – allows substrate to breathe.
  • Elastic – retains flexibility even at low temperatures.
  • Compatible with common substrates: Cement, concrete, brick, stone, metals, wood, tiles etc.
Tensile Load 370 N reinforced Categorisation by working life W2 Categorisation by climatic zones M and S Categorisation by imposed loads (hard substrate only)P4Categorisation by roof slopeS1 - S4Categorisation by surface temp.Lowest: TL3. Highest: TH3.Water vapour diffusion (Sd)3.47mResistance to wind loads>50 kPa