Solvent free direct bond adhesive  

EVERBUILD® PINKGRIP® SF BUT IT'S WHITE is a solvent free, white version of the brand leading Pinkgrip Direct Bond Adhesive.  It has all the unique benefits of Pinkgrip and will stick just about anything on a building site without the need for under pinning, thanks to the product's no-slump formula.

  • Solvent free - environmentally friendly formulation
  • Excellent adhesion/bond strength - adheres to most common surfaces.
  • Enhanced slump resistance for quick simple direct bonding without the need for temporary support in many applications.
  • Good “nip off” quality to prevent messy stringing of adhesive.
  • High solids formulation - excellent gap filling properties without shrinkage.
  • Extended open time - allows for easy repositioning after fixing.
  • Will adhere to damp surfaces.
  • Water clean up - no hazardous solvents.
Form White thixotropic paste (ready to use) Viscosity approx. 350,000 cPs Solids75-80%Flash PointNone (solvent free)Application Temp+4 to +35°CCompatibilityCan be used in contact with most building materials but should not be used against bituminous compounds or mirror backings.