Corrosion Coatings

Sika protective corrosion coatings have been designed and used extensively to withstand all types of weathering and climatic conditions. Corrosion Protective Coatings of steel structures are exposed to specific corrosion loads depending on the ambient conditions. These are defined in ISO 12944-1,-2:2018 depending on durability range and corrosivity category. Based on many years of experience, it is now possible to provide coating systems for steel with durabilities of more than 25 years in almost all atmospheric load ranges. As a result, it has now been possible to increase the durability range to more than 25 years.

Durability Range Abbreviation (s) Period of Time
Low L up to 7 years
Medium M 7 - 15 years
High H 15 - 25 years
Very High VH more than 25 years

SikaCor® EG-System Rapid

Thanks to the most advanced technology and expert service, Sika has been a reliable partner for protection of steel structures around the world for four decades. Numerous references around the globe attest to our expertise at protecting traffic construction with robust, weatherresistant, durable coats.

As a combination of epoxy resin based and epoxy resin micaceous iron oxide based two-pack primers and intermediate coats with polyurethane top coats, the optimized product SikaCor® EG-System Rapid is an embodiment of continuous product development.

Our Range of Corrosion Coatings