Graph comparing fire resistance of steel: uncoated vs. Sika Unitherm Coat

While traditional solvent and water based 1-pack fire protection systems have long been widespread on the fire protection market, in 2010 our research department managed to establish Sika® Unitherm® Platinum, completely novel intumescent technology, in our fire protection portfolio, thus setting the course for the future. A further coating system has emerged from years of national and international experience and coating of hundreds of thousands of square meters in the form of Sika® Unitherm® Platinum-120, which completes the range of services for passive two-component steel fire protection and thus covers fire resistance classes R30 to R120.

The Platinum technology offers fire and corrosion protection together, can be transported and installed after 24 hours, and also exhibits high mechanical and chemical resistance. Thanks to these excellent properties, steel can be coated directly in the factory and brought to the desired destination without transport damage, which allows even very large construction projects to be completed in very short time. Furthermore, as a halogen-free, alkyl-free, benzyl-alcohol-free intumescent, the further developed Sika®Unitherm® Platinum-120 meets the requirements and recommendations of numerous certification systems such as DGNB, LEED, and BREEAM and is thus a sustainable quality product.

Advantages of Sika® Unitherm® Platinum System

  • Single coat application fire protection system
  • Fast application and curing times
  • Suitable for factory application due to tolerance to normal transportation
    methods without the requirement for protection against moisture
  • High mechanical strength, shock, impact and abrasion resistant
  • No shipping damage and no damage during the service life of the structure100% solids, wet film thickness = dry film thicknessLayer thickness up to 4 mm per operation possible
  • Application under defined climatic conditions in the factory
  • Application with and without primerIndependent fire testing according to EN 13381-8 (BS 476)
  • Classified according ETAG 018-2:2006 Type XApplied without top coat for indoor and outdoor use
  • Fire behaviour: Classification B-s2, dO (EN 13501-1)
  • Excellent corrosion protection properties in high humidity and aggressive
    environment according to SN EN ISO 12944-5 up to C5-I and C5-M
  • Fire and corrosion protection properties not effected by water in service
  • Cleaning of the coating surface with high-pressure water possible