Sika® Injection-310 Easy-to-use 1-C-Powder-Based Acrylate Injection Resin

Sika® Injection-310 is a polyacrylic, 1-component, powder based injection resin which is formulated to contain all the active parts in one powder. The all in one, ready to use powder, only requires mixing with water. After the addition of water the chemical reaction is activated producing a very low viscosity resin which cures to form a tough-elastic gel.


  • Easy to apply
  • Time saving and economical
  • Easy to mix
  • Extreme low viscosity
  • Sustainable - only water for activation and cleaning
  • Watertight up to 7 bar (cert.)

A new technology epoxy resin roller coat

The unique formulation of Sikafloor®-2640 greatly increases the curing speed after application. It takes only 2 days to cure while the standard epoxy flooring product takes 7 days. Sikafloor®-2640 is a two-part, epoxy floor coating and seal coat which is notable for it's easy application in addition to its hard-wearing, long-term performance. With excellent blush resistance and zero pigment flotation, Sikafloor®-2640 provides either a seamless smooth, high gloss finish, or a range of slip resistant profiles for areas where optimum mechanical and chemical resistance is required, such as car park decks, warehouses and manufacturing facilities, food and drink manufacturing plants, airport hangers, workshops and garages.

Sikadur® Crack Repair Kit

Sikadur® Crack Repair Kit is for repairing and sealing of small / minor cracks in concrete and masonry. It includes a 2-part polyester surface crack sealer, 2-part low viscosity epoxy Injection resin and all the necessary accessories needed for the application.  

SikaBit® - Bituminous Membranes

SikaBit® PRO Bituminous membranes are designed to provide safer and secure roof waterproofing solutions. The systems includes flame free installation for compliance with Safe2torch guideline. Our roofing solutions comprise of all the elements needed with Sika® vapour control layers, adhesives, insulation, rooflights and roof drainage, all covered by the SikaBit® guarantee.

SikaGrout®-340 - High Performance Cementitious Grout

SikaGrout®-340 is a high performing, cementitious, shrinkage compensated grout with high early and final strength providing premium bearing capacity.  

SikaGrout-340 Cementitious Grout