Efficient use of input materials is extremely important to all Sika companies, as production processes are material-intensive and use high volumes of nonrenewable resources. Efficient production in this context means reducing and reusing production scrap, reducing and reusing packaging materials, and improving packaging design, leading to higher productivity and lower material use. The Group goal is:  

Target: 3% less waste per ton and year
This includes all waste material sent to external contractors for disposal – with the exception of materials returned to suppliers – and covers all Sika operating companies and units, including industrial and nonindustrial sites.

Implementation: Recording a higher production volume, the company generated approximately 70,000 tons of waste (previous year*: 62,000 tons). This corresponds to 17.3 kilograms of waste per ton sold (revised figure for the previous year: 16.5 kilograms per ton sold), or an increase of 5%. After reporting improvements in previous years, waster generation resulting from the start-up of new production sites impacted on efficiency in 2015.

However, since 2013 the amount of waste has been reduced overall by -3.3%.Material efficiency will be a priority in 2016. A large part of the waste – particularly from polymer and adhesive production – is recycled by external companies. Extensive measures such as the efficient and economical use of raw materials, process optimizations, improved waste sorting, and the recycling of packaging materials have contributed to global waste efficiency.

* The values from the 2014 Annual Report have been retroactively adjusted in line with renewed availability and factored into the calculation of the key figures.