Sika supports environmental education in New Zealand

The Longbush Ecosanctuary Welcome Shelter, located on the East Coast of New Zealand, is an innovative environmental education space designed, constructed and operated by a group of passionate volunteers, with the support of Sika and other local businesses as well as charitable organizations. Sika's involvement was to contribute low VOC products, construction advice, sealant guns, viewing binoculars and high visibility safety vests for the team of volunteers.

The project aims to promote active stewardship of our natural environment both in conservation areas and in our cities. The diversity of the wildlife in the bush continues to grow through the active reintroduction of new species as well as through natural migration. The project was generated and designed by the award-winning designer Sarosh Mulla.  

High quality community-generated architecture

Rather than simply viewing the landscape, visitors are encouraged to take part in the  environmental restoration occurring at the ecosanctuary through the programs offered at the Welcome Shelter.

Constructed from materials donated by 88 sponsors, the Welcome Shelter utilizes very simple construction techniques.The approach adopted aims to produce the maximum environmental program, through minimal architectural resources. The Welcome Shelter is a gateway for visitors to this special environment, which includes several critically endangered native species.

The eco sanctuary is approximately 120 hectares. When asked about his projects, Mulla comments: “The ways in which architecture can facilitate social sustainability is an ongoing theme in my design re-search. That is not only sustainability in the  sense of “green” technology, but as a more holistic approach to how we  inhabit the planet and how creating well functioning communities can have a positive effect on the environments in which they exist.”

Never before in  New Zealand’s history has such a large and diverse group of volunteers and sponsors created a piece of public architecture. The Welcome Shelter creates a new benchmark for high quality community-generated architecture that responds to the needs of the local environment.

Sika Products used in this project

  • Sikasil Roofing & Plumbing
  • SikaBond
  • Sika SuperGrip
  • Timbertak
  • Sika Nailbond Fast
  • Sika Boom